What's new

2.10. 2009 The club has new contact email: krk@rogaining.cz.
15.-16.8. 2009 Team KRK (Tojnar & Bradler) took part in European Rogaining Championships 2009. Theyir result wasn't bad - 22th place from more than 250 teams.
30. 6. 2009 The 1st great event of our club is over now. Congratulations to everyone who survived our race. I mean weather, physically and navigation-demanding courses were adequate to the fact it was the 13th Czech championships. Record turn-out of 270 rogainers from 10 countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Latvia and Italy) was a pleasant surprise. The race was supported from a European grant so that we could afford to prepare waterproof maps, generously award the winners etc. I hope everybody enjoyed marvelous landscape of Ore Mountains. We are going to prepare a Route Gadget so that every team could draw its course. And of course some photos will be available soon.
1.3. 2009 The KRK organized its 1st competition - ski-orienteering successfuly. There are Final results and some photos taken by Martin Zacek and by Fox. Have a look on maps with courses or route of the winner Pepa Neumann.
4.12. 2008 Website of the Czech/German Championships is available. You can find there an introductory invitation and and little bit misguided photogalery from the race area.
6.11. 2008 Logo of KRK was introduced: It resembles of the logo of rogaine in Medovy Ujezd (Czech Championships 2004) - an alarm clock showing five minutes to 12. I decorated it by symbol of the Southern Cross. I see, there is only little chance to see that constellation on the sky above Ore Mountains, but after drinking a five-star cognac bottle down you may succeed :-).
October 2008 Krusnohorsky Rogaining Club (KRK) was estabilished. I have been preparing the club website.