Krušnohorský Rogainingový Klub
Krušné hory nejsou krušné, možná kdysi, dneska už ne
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The project was supported from European fund of regional development, Common fund of small projects, Programme "Cil 3" supporting collaboration of the Czech Republic and Free State Saxony 2007-2013.


22. 10. 2009Route Gadget is now available.
3. 7. 2009 There are 77 photos from rogaine preparations in Autumn 2008.
1. 7. 2009 The results are final now. We added split times and summary list of check points visiting.
1. 7. 2009 There are the first photos. If you are so kind and send us your photos or links, we will be pleased to put them on our website.
30. 6. 2009 Congratulations to everyone who survived our race. I mean weather, physically and navigation-demanding courses were adequate to the fact it was the 13th Czech championships. Record turn-out of 270 rogainers from 10 countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Latvia and Italy) was a pleasant surprise. The race was supported from a European grant so that we could afford to prepare waterproof maps, generously award the winners etc. I hope everybody enjoyed marvelous landscape of Ore Mountains. We are going to prepare a Route Gadget so that every team could draw its course. And of course some photos will be available soon.
30. 6. 2009 A shoutboard was opened. You can express your opinion about the race.
29. 6. 2009 Preliminary results are available.
25. 6. 2009 Since this moment we are not on-line.
24. 6. 2009 On-line entries are finished now. See you in Nove Mesto.
17. 6. 2009 The final bulletin and map symbols explanation are available.
11. 6. 2009 We prepared a map of centre and weather information.
31. 5. 2009 107 teams and 230 rogainers from Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Latvia and Italy have entered the race.
31. 5. 2009 Dubí The 1st term of entries is finishing in few hours. The 200th rogainer has entered the race few minutes ago.
The race map has been accomplished this week. As you see in the map cutout, the area nearby of Dubi city, which is renowned by providing of "special services", required to use a special cartographic symbol - red heart :-). Presidium of the Czech Association of Rogaining should decide whether a visit of the joy house during the competition is or isn’t a trespassing of the rule "not to accept assistance from anyone else" :-).
29. 5. 2009 Czech republic has been awarded by organization of the 10th WRC 2012!!! The Championships will be held in Ore Mountains as well - you can start training in the similar terrain. Don't hesitate and take part in our race :-).
25. 5. 2009 The 1st term of entries (31.5.) is approaching. The 99th and 100th rogainer has just entered the race. The map is almost finished and all checkpoints in the forest were visited, checked and marked.
20. 5. 2009 Our colleagues from TU Dresden are organizing a Mountain bike orienteering in Altenberg, just in the eastern edge of the rogaining area. German long distance Championships will be held on Saturday 6. 6. and Saxonian short distance Championships on Sunday 7. 6. Unfortunately only German Bulletin is available now.
13. 5. 2009 We prepared a map that should help you to find the Rogaining centre.
11. 5. 2009 Do you want to participate in Rogaining 2009 but don't have a partner? Try our "Seeking a partner" program.
11. 5. 2009 We have visited almost all planned check points and excluded all the unsuitable ones. An example of non-suitable check point for a race in June - southern corner of a snow field:
 Non-suitable check point
It could have been used in the end of April at the latest :-).
Strawberries and blueberries have been in blossom now and the Ore Mountains forest is gorgeous. You will enjoy it!
9. 4. 2009 We prepared a sample of the old map that refers with the rogaine area partly. You can survey courses and routes of the best teams participated in the Czech Mountain Orienteering Championships 2002.
27. 3. 2009 English Bulletin is now available.
4. 12. 2008 Web of the Czech-German Rogaining Championships 2009 has been started. See introductory invitation and little bit misguided photogalery from the race area.