The project was supported from European fund of regional development, Common fund of small projects, Programme "Cil 3" supporting collaboration of the Czech Republic and Free State Saxony 2007-2013.
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Final bulletin of the International Czech and German Rogaining Championships 2009

Organizer: Ore-Mountains Rogaining Club Litvínov & USV TU Dresden on demand of the Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering (CAR).
Date: 27. - 28. June 2009
Event site: Nove Mesto in Ore Mountains, Teplice district, Czech Republic
Event center: Ski-stadium in Nove Mesto in Ore Mountains
Parking: Nearby the event center, please respect organizers’ instructions. It isn't allowed to park outside of the official parking or even in the camp. There is no gravel there so cars wouldn't be able to leave the place.
Accommodation: Own tents in restricted area at the event center (Ski-Stadium in Nove Mesto)
Toilets and drinking water at the event center, showers cca 700 m aside.
During the rogaining competition only the tent accommodation at the event centre is allowed.
Registration: Friday 26. 6. 2009 Registration of 6-, 12- and 24-hour Rogaine (center)
Saturday 27. 6. 2009 8:00 – 9:30 Registration of 6- and 24-hour Rogaine (center)
If we don't find your payment on our account or don't identify it - your team won't be marked "green" in the list of entries and you will be asked to prove the payment at the register desk.
Event type: International Czech and German Rogaining Championships
24-hour rogaine (Sa 12:00 - Su 12:00)

12-hour rogaine – Open race (Sa 9:00 – Su 21:00)
6-hour rogaine – Open race (Sa 13:00 – Su 19:00)
Competition area: Eastern Ore Mountains, determined by municipalities of Litvinov, Flaje, Cesky Jiretin, Schellerhau, Altenberg, Zinnwald, Cinovec, Dubi, Hrob, Osek and Lom.
Terrain: Hilly terrain, broken relief, altitude between 350 – 956 m above sea level, matching highland- or mountain-type surroundings. Terrain mainly covered by forest with middle density of paths and trails, somewhere steep slopes. On the ridge of Ore Mountains there are some peat bogs surrounded by thick brakes of Carpathian pine. There are plenty of exclusion fences in forest but not all of them are drawn in the map. Be carefull when moving near rocks and rock faces, some of them are extra high and very dangerous!
Map: Special map for rogaining, scale 1:50 000, e=10 m;
updated 05/2009, waterproof layout
Descriptions: Verbal descriptions of checkpoints (in Czech, German and English language) and their point values will be hand out together with maps.
Punching system: Elektronic SI (Sport-Ident) system.
!!! Every competitor has to have fasten his/her SI-card to a wrist by a wristband !!!
Breaking the wristband or loss of the SI card by any team member leads to disqualification of the whole team. In order to gain points for a checkpoint, all members of a team shall punch their SI cards at the SI station of that checkpoint within a time interval of 60 seconds. For 12- and 24-hour rogaine is recommended to use high capacity SI cards of the type 6 (you can borrow them from organizers at registration). Using the old chip SI cards (type 5) allows to include score from the first 33 check point only.
Before start all competitors have to insert their SI-cards into a "Clear" unit to erase old data in the chip. Then they have to check the SI-card by inserting it into a "Check" unit (organizers are ready to help beginners). In the finish all team members have to punch "Finish" unit. Whenever visiting the hash house area during the competition, all team members shall punch the SI station labeled "Check-in". Immediately before leaving the hash house area, all team members shall punch the SI station labeled "Check-out".
SI-card renting: Please take your SI-cards at registration to check whether they are appropriate for the race. In case it isn't we can borrow you a suitable one. A return fee of 1500,- CZK or 50,- € per a SI-card will be asked. The fee will be returned after handing a chip in.
!!! IMPORTANT: Please prepare the money (1500,- CZK or 50,- €) for the SI renting in order not to detain registration process !!!
Time schedule:
Friday 26. 6. 2009
18:00 – 23:00Registration of 6-, 12- and 24-hour Rogaine (center)
Saturday 27. 6. 2009
8:00 – 9:30Registration of 6- and 24-hour Rogaine (center)
8:00 – 8:30Sealing of SI-cards - 12 hour rogaine
8:3012-hour Rogaine map distribution
9:00Start of 12-hour Rogaine
9:30Sealing of SI-cards - 24 hour rogaine
10:0024-hour Rogaine map distribution
12:00Start of 24-hour Rogaine
12:10Sealing of SI-cards - 6 hour rogaine
12:306-hour Rogaine map distribution
13:00Start of 6-hour Rogaine
14:00Hash house for 12-hour Rogaine opened
16:00Hash house for 24-hour Rogaine opened
19:00Finish of 6-hour Rogaine
20:006-hour Rogaine Prize giving ceremony
21:00Finish of 12-hour Rogaine
Sunday 28. 6. 2009
12:00Finish of 24-hour Rogaine
13:0012-hour Rogaine Prize giving ceremony
13:00Hash house closed
14:0024-hour Rogaine Prize giving ceremony
15:00End of the race
Few words of course setter: Always ten minutes before start of a race:
12-hour Rogaine 27. 6. 2009 8:50
24-hour Rogaine 27. 6. 2009 11:50
6-hour Rogaine 27. 6. 2009 12:50
Classification: Each check point will be marked in the map and in control description as well with its point value varying from 30 to 90 points. The first figure multiplied by ten gives the point value of a check point. The number and order of control points is up to discretion of each team (go-as-you-please). Passing of each control point has to be marked by inserting SI-card into the SI unit. The final ranking of each team depend on the sum of the points gained. In case of the equal point result the better time wins.
Exceeding of given time limit: each started minute equals to 20 point penalization. If the time limit is exceeded by more than 30 minutes, team will not be classified.
Checkpoints equipment: Each control point is equipped by white-red lampion of size 30x30 cm, SI unit and punches (just for case of SI unit failure). There will be small papers with a check point number (take if a control is stolen).
Catering: During the race a non-stop buffet (hash house) in the event center will be available for 12- and 24-hour Rogainers (see the time schedule). Warm and cold dishes and drinks will be available (pasta, goulash, soft drinks, bread&rolls, butter, cheese, jam, salad etc.). !!! In order to minimize amount of garbage, please use your own dish (bowls, trays, spoons etc.) !!!
After race refreshment: Non-stop buffet in the center - menu limited (coffee, tea, beer, alcoolfree drinks, bisquits, soup, goulash...).
Drinking water: There are plenty of water sources in the race area. We drew springs and wells into map, nevertheless you can fill your water reservoiars from any running mountain stream. Fresh water is available in the centre as well. There won't be any special water drops provided by organizers there.
Obligatory equipment: All the time of the Rogaine each competitor must carry:
1) start number – you will get them at registration. The number has to been attached so that it was clearly visible.
2) a whistle to call for help in emergency 3) ID card or passport
Important notice: 1) The race takes place both in Germany and Czech Republic. During the whole race each participant has to have his/her ID card or document that is valid for Schengen area.
2) The race is organized according to the IRF rules.
3) During the rogaine it is allowed to use only the map provided by the event organizer. After handing out of the race maps it is strictly forbidden to use any other special map, e.g. those containing marked tourist tracks etc.
4) Any participant younger than 18 years has to be accompanied by a team colleague older than 18 years. Participants younger than 16 years can take part in the rogaining only with a written consent of his/her parents or legitimate representative.
5) On Saturday 27. 6. between 12:00 and 16:00 a Mountain bike marathon event is held in the area of our rogaine. The route of the race partly collides with the western part of the rogaining map (route of the MTB race will be shown in the centre). Please be extremely carefull especially at steep slopes of the highest hill Loucna and downhill ski-slope Bournak.
6) Taking part in the rogaining race is on the own risk of every competitor. Each competitor has to sign an indemnity form at registration desk.
7) The organizer doesn’t hold responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.
Additional program: On Friday evening a DVD from the last WRC in Estonia or further rogaine snapshots (Australia 2006) will be projected.
Officials: Director: Jan Tojnar
Course setters: Jan Tojnar, Jan Čech, Jan Brádler
Referee: Jan Brádler